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SORBEAD INDIA truly specializes in " Silica Gel, Molecular Sieve & Desiccants, Absorbents Products". The company was founded with an aim and dedication to serve the demanding needs of the market in protecting products against the damaging effects of moisture & Humidity.

We provide wide range of Silica Gel [Blue,White,Orange]  Micro Silica Gel Powder, Container Desiccant, Cargo Dry Packs, Silica Gel Air Breathers, Activated Alumina Balls, Molecular Sieves[3a,4a,5a,13x], Activated Carbon, Ldpe Bags, Oxygen Absorbing Activ-Film, Laminated & Aluminum Tubes, Pillow packs, Unit packs, Humidity Indicating Cards and many more...

Our realizing of product applications and extensive market abilities allows us to provide amazing solutions to complex moisture & humidity problems. Our experienced hands on the creating, development and analyzing methods of our different variety and applications. The specialized of our technology department is to design a magic size to fit your application and further the department absolutely takes it into the process to provide you the best quality & quantity - you need in the timeliest style. Thereby, we stay dedicated and dedicated to our clients.
Maintaining us forward in the competition, is our assistance, offered  98% on-time, error free delivery, and our assurance to have you get what you need when you need it.

The industries which we service include:

Agriculture, Architectural materials, Automotive, Aerospace and Aviation, Chemicals, Coatings, Consumer products, Cosmetics & personal care, Computers, Defense industry, Electronics, Food and Beverage, Machine Parts, Medical Instruments, Military, Natural Gas processing, Packaging, Petroleum refining, Photo Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, Power generation, Public Utilities, Refrigeration, Semiconductor, Shipping and Storage, Water filtration & many more...
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